Why Give?

Giving is an opportunity to sow into what is doing not only in our church and community but also around the world. Our current facility, which was not our starting place, is a testimony in itself of what can be accomplished when hearts align in prayer and in generosity. We are honored that you would be willing to partner with us!

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All financial gifts are tax-deductable.

Reaching Higher

Why are we doing this?

We had construction delays and cost overruns on C3 Atrium and Dome.

Our goal: $1 Million

The cost overruns have resulted in us adding two additional loans with the bank. One loan is $800,000 and the second loan is $200,00, which equals the $1,000,000 we are currently trying to raise. The total of our loans are $5,100,000, which includes the $1,000,000 for cost overruns. We ideally want to collect the entire $5,100,000 payoff to be debt-free, but our immediate goals of the Reaching Higher campaign is the $1,000,000.

Your Share

We have approx 400 giving units in CCC, some are individuals and some are families. If each giving unit would pledge $2,500 for the next year, we would reach our goal. This could be broken down into $200/month or $7/day.


  • Cost savings on interest payments
  • Plus faster debt reduction


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