Christ Community Church is proud to announce a new fundraising campaign, Pave the Way, to raise capital for our pavement project. CCC has been a faithful leader in spirituality to our community for the past 40 years, and has impacted individual community members in their own journey of faith. In 2004, the decision was made to expand the church to a new 15-acre location with a brand-new, larger community center. In June 2008, CCC held their first assembly in their current location at 200 Ellis Place, State College. This key facility has served us well over the past decade, and we are hoping to improve upon and maintain what we currently have. 

CCC currently has a parking problem: A large portion of the spots are unpaved gravel, leftover from previous construction projects, and our current parking lot space is deteriorating. The unpaved areas and condition of our current parking lot are causing issues with our programming, and overall takes away from convenience and appearance of our facility. On top of this, the number of attendees at events held at CCC & C3 SPORTS exceeds the current number of spaces available. Our paving project will remedy these issues by repaving the current lot, paving the current gravel parking area, and flattening a field at the back of our property for auxiliary parking. This will add to the parking space we need, while tidying up the facility and making for a more efficient facility better equipped to serve. 

Our goal is to raise $500,000 for this project. We are asking for donations to be made as soon as possible, because the paving has already started. The total duration of the campaign will be from May 7th through December 31st. After this paving project, CCC will have 200 freshly paved spaces with additional parking space in the rear. The cost breakdown is about $2,500/space, and you can pledge an entire space or any amount you desire. At the bottom of this page, you can fill out an online pledge card to commit to your payment. Pledge cards are due by 5/31/23, and all donations are due by 12/31/2023. You can go to PushPay to give now.

We are thankful for you and your willingness to partner with CCC & C3 SPORTS as we create world changers for Christ.