A Ministry of Christ Community Church

Mission: We partner with families in Centre County to inspire Generations to be world changers for Christ.

Who We are:  

We are a Christian homeschool cooperative working in partnership with families to combine a classroom experience with the benefits of homeschooling.   

Our Vision: 

  1. We will facilitate a quality educational experience within a Biblical worldview. 
  1. We will equip children with the educational tools, mindset and encouragement to become lifelong learners who can discover how God has uniquely made them to impact the world around them. 

Our Method (An overview): 

Students in grades K -12 learn for 32 weeks in classes taught by passionate teachers. The students are then assigned lessons to complete at home with the parent or guardian serving as a co-teacher. The program covers a full year of instruction in Math, Language Arts, History, Science, and the Arts. Additionally, students in middle and high school can choose some exciting electives.  

This Hybrid model of education encourages parents to be directly involved with their child’s learning process, without having to prepare lessons and come up with creative projects. Families now can have the time to work, learn, and play together, with the freedom to discover each child’s strengths and passions. 


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Hybrid homeschooling has tremendous advantages: 

  • Students benefit from in-class time with teachers and peers. This gives them the opportunity for discussion, feedback, and pushback from various perspectives. 
  • Parents benefit by having help with teaching and grading. 
  • Communities benefit from having additional education opportunities available to families.  
  • Co-ops benefit from an expanded student population with actively engaged parents. 


  1. By using appropriate curriculum and teaching methods, help students acquire knowledge, understanding and practical wisdom. 
  2.  To help students become skilled thinkers and communicators within a Biblical worldview. 
  3.  To facilitate a love for learning thereby motivating students to become life-long learners. 
  4. To cultivate a love relationship with God and others.  

For More information please join us for ONE of our Interest meetings: 

Wednesday March 2nd @ 6pm (No Childcare)

Hybrid Co-op operates three days/ week (Tues.-Thurs.) and an optional 4th day on Friday

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday schedule

 K, 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th  Elementary School 5-6th grade Middle School 7-8th grade Middle School 
9:00-9:30Opening & DevotionsOpening & Devotions Opening & Devotions
9:30-10:30 Math Math Language Arts 
10:30-11:30 Language Arts Language Arts Math 
11:30-12:30 Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess 
12-30-1:30 Science Science History 
1:30-2:30 History History Science 
2:30-3:00 Geography Geography Geography 

Friday: Elementary/middle school

 K-4th Grade  Grade 5-6th      7-8th Grade 
9-9:30 AM                Opening and devotions 
9:30-10:15 Am Lego/Gooey play/ Woodworking/coding Lego/Woodworking Coding/Gooey creations Physical Education/health  
10:15-11:00 AM Health/physical ed Health/physical ed Story Telling/graphics/ fine arts 
11:00 – 11:45 AM Art Art Art and Aurgument/Logic 
11:45-12:30 Pm Lunch Lunch Lunch 
12:30-1:15 PM Recess Recess I.D.E.A.S.  Project 
1:15-2:15 PM Music Spanish I.D.E.A.S. Project 
2:15 PM-3PM       Song School Spanish Music  Shop Classes 

High School Classes: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Co-op: Fri optional (electives) 

 9-10th Grade (Tuesday – Thursday)11-12th Grade (Tuesday – Thursday)     9-12th Grade (Friday)
9:00-9:30Opening & DevotionsOpening & Devotions Opening & Devotions  
9:30-10:15Math Math Physical Ed/Health with Kinetik Fitness
10:15-11:00 American LiteratureWorld LiteratureMedia/Storytelling/Graphics/Fine Arts
11:00-11:45SpanishSpanishApologetics: Cultural Issues: Creation vs. Evolution and the Bible 
11:45-12:30Lunch Lunch Lunch 
12:30-1:15American Gov’t/Economics World HistoryI.D.E.A.S. Project 
1:15-2:00Biology Chemistry I.D.E.A.S. Project 
2:00-3:00Debate/Rhetoric/Senior ProjectDebate/Rhetoric/Senior ProjectShop Classes 
Home Economics

Mondays are at-home instruction or homework days with work prepared by teachers.   

Fridays are elective days for interest driven educational opportunities. (Art, music, media and graphics, health and physical education, etc.)

Location:  200 Ellis Place, State College PA 16801 

Schedule: T/W/TH/ Friday (optional 4th day) Time: 9 AM-3PM Monday

Enrollment fee (one time per student): $100 – Limited Capacity

Tuition Fee: (per month/student): $300 with sibling discount 15% second child, 25% third child in same family   

Tuition for optional Friday: Those in hybrid don’t pay. $50/month/student with Registration fee ($100).
Supplies: A list of supplies will be sent home with each family per grade level. 

Tracy Ruffner Childrens Ministry Director Christ Community Church 200 Ellis Place State College, PA 16801 Phone: (814) 404-8181