We believe that Jesus calls to be fully devoted to him (see Luke 14:26-35). To be like him is our highest aspiration and to journey with Him is a life worth pursuing. It seems fitting to us that since Easter is quickly approaching, we would launch a Sunday morning sermon series called “Journey with Jesus” based in the book of Luke. Dr Luke’s precision and comprehensive telling of the life of Jesus will help you to “…know the certainty of the things about which you have been instructed.” (Luke 1:4). We invite you not only to join us on Sundays as we unfold the book of Luke in this current sermon series but also to join us as we read together each week. Please see the calendar below for the weekly reading schedule:

Feb 8-14: Luke 1-3

Feb 15-21: Luke 4-6

Feb 22-28: Luke 7-9

Mar 1-7: Luke 10-12

Mar 8-14: Luke 13-15

Mar 15-21: Luke 16-18

Mar 22-28: Luke 19-21

Mar 29-Apr 4: Luke 22-24